Low Noise Amplifiers

Microphase offers a wide range of narrowband and broadband low noise amplifiers covering frequency range from 100 MHz to 40 GHz. Microphase’s LNA portfolio comprises proprietary designs which utilize the latest advances in semiconductor technologies to deliver the highest gain-bandwidth product, widest dynamic range, and lowest possible noise figure. 

Standard Bands: 0.1-2 GHz, 0.5-10 GHz, 0.5-18 GHz, 2-4 GHz, 2-18 GHz, 2-20 GHz, 4-8 GHz, 6-18 GHz, 8-12 GHz, 15-18 GHz, 17-21 GHz, 21-27 GHz, 26.5-40 GHz, 38-40 GHz

NF: 0.6 -8 dB

P1dB: Up to 35 dBm

Gain: Up to 35 dB

Operating Voltage: 6 – 15 VDC

Microphase’s LNA units are available in drop-in modules as well as connectorized hermetically sealed compact packages. All units are designed to meet MIL-STD-883. All LNA designs in Microphase’s current portfolio can be modified to deliver customized solutions according to customer- and application-specific requirements. Microphase takes pride in its 60 years of design and manufacturing excellence to offer state-of-the-art LNA solutions with highest performance and reliability at low cost for both commercial and military applications. For more information and to discuss your LNA requirements please contact bd@microphase.com.