Low Power/Miniature

Microphase offers a wide range of miniature filters including bandpass, bandreject, lowpass and high pass for small signal applications. Microphase miniature bandpass and lowpass filters exhibit excellent RF performance including extended stopband, excellent frequency flatness, low insertion loss, VSWR and sharp selectivity. Microphase miniature highpass and bandreject filters offer extended passbands (narrow or wide) with high stopband attenuation as well as excellent frequency flatness, low passband insertion loss and VSWR and sharp selectivity. All Microphase miniature filter products are supplied in highly ruggedized packages assuring superior mechanical reliability and environmental stability. Microphase has a comprehensive library of proven and fielded state-of-the art miniature filter designs that can be modified to meet customer- and application-specific requirements. All Microphase filter products are 100% tested, and readily available.