Switched Filters

Microphase is an unquestioned leader in the area of microwave Switched Filters. Microphase offers a variety of Switched Filters, which are custom designed assemblies of Microphase filters, solid-state switches and switch drivers optimally integrated to achieve a specific requirement. Achieving optimal performance requires a rigorous design tradeoff in individual filter switch and driver designs combined with careful integration and tuning. The ability to tune and match the constituent parts in an assembly offers improved overall performance with significant size and cost benefits. Microphase presently has produced over 175 different models of custom designed and manufactured switched filter assemblies in the 10 MHz to 26 GHz frequency range.

Most switched filter assemblies feature one input port and one output port with two or more alternately selectable filter paths (thru path optional). A low loss, well matched response is achieved for the selected filter pass band with a reflective out-of-band response maintaining high isolation and rejection. Optionally, multiple inputs or outputs may be specified to alternately route the main signal, combine multiple signals or inject BIT signals for testing purposes.

Switched multiplexers are typically used where the slight increase in insertion loss of a solid-state switch is unacceptable. By replacing the input switch with a multiplexer, lower overall loss and reduced switching time is achieved. Because the input signal is always present at the output switch, the group delay of the filter will not add to the selected band transition time, an advantage in fast switching synthesizer applications.

Virtually any type of Microphase filter or multiplexer can be integrated into a switched filter assembly. Lumped element low pass, high pass or band pass filters are typically used at lower frequencies where size is a primary consideration. At higher frequencies, Combline bandpass filters are used where their reduced height and ease of tuning offer performance advantages.

Tap into Microphase’s 60 years of design and manufacturing innovation base as well as comprehensive library of proven designs and let Microphase engineering team provide state-of-the-art switched filter solutions customized according your demand, from timely engineering prototype to full production runs, all tailored for your budget.