Microphase is the global leader in Detector Log Video Amplifiers (DLVA) technology offering the largest selection and best in class DLVA products for wide range of military, aerospace, and commercial applications. Our unique know-how and expertise in detector technology combined with the latest advances in solid state circuits and semiconductor chip technologies have resulted in DLVA products with outstanding performance characteristics that have consistently exceeded our customers’ expectations on numerous military programs both in the United States and around the world making Microphase their number one choice and partner for DLVA solutions. Nine models cover 25 MHz to 40 GHz in octave and multi-octave ranges with exceptional performance in a compact size. Specifications include wide dynamic range exceeding 100 dB, close tolerance linearity, high signal sensitivity, and high CW immunity. In addition, these models have excellent rise/recovery time characteristic. All units are designed to operate over –55° to +85°C and military environments. Standard interconnect configurations are SMA (M) input and SMA (F) output.

Microphase Successive Detection Log Video Amplifiers (SDLVA) provide high sensitivity and wide dynamic range performance. One of the key attributes of an SDLVA is its ability to demodulate and compress transmitted data in such a way so as to produce an output voltage that increases in linear increments with respect to RF output power. SDLVAs are high performance, multi-octave assemblies designed for use in a wide range of applications including electronic warfare systems, instrumentation, and telecommunications equipment. Microphase SDLVAs utilize the latest Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) technology with thin film hybrid microcircuit construction to meet customer requirements for high performance and high-rel standards in compact hermetic modules in a variety of form factors.

Take advantage of our industry leading expertise, six decades of design and manufacturing experience and innovations by letting our dedicated team of engineers and designers to work on your next DLVA project from concept to full prototype development and production runs.

Due to the sensitive nature of these products, we cannot publicly discuss their characteristics.  Please Contact Us or email bd@microphase.com for more information on electrical and mechanical specifications or if you would like to request a quote for design and manufacture of a custom DLVA solution.

Frequency range: 25 MHz to 40 GHz
Configurations include:

High Speed SDLVA Series

High Speed DLVA Series

100+ dB Dynamic Range DLVA Series

AFH Series

DFH Series A

DFH Series M

DSH Series A

DSH Series M

Wide Dynamic Range Miniature DLVA Series

Advantages to System Designers:
  • Smallest size in its class
  • Excellent logging performance
  • Extremely fast full-range recovery, better than 35 n-sec
  • Internal filtering and double regulation
  • Rugged. Designed to meet most stringent military environments
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Electronic Countermeasure Systems
  • Early Warning Radar Systems
  • Phased Array Radar Systems
  • Electronic Jamming Systems
  • Precision Laboratory Test Equipment

Detector Log Video Amplifiers