Switch Modules

Microphase SM-Series SPMT broadband, multi-throw, solid state switch modules, with integral drivers are suited for microwave systems and sub-assemblies where a number of components are integrated. Typical applications include high-speed channel selection and pulse modulation. Wideband performance of these switching networks is due to the lumped element bias structures with passivated PIN diodes. An important feature of the SM-Series is that the RF section of each unit is integrated with a buffered TTL driver assuring true TTL compatibility.

ADVANTAGES: SM Series switches can be conveniently used in any 50-Ohm microstrip, stripline or coaxial medium. The internal layout of these devices is designed to allow filters and limiters to be easily incorporated within the switch modules. Other options, such as higher isolation or lower insertion loss, as well as alternate voltage or logic requirements may be specified. These switches which are conservatively rated are hermetically sealed and offer high reliability in rugged, compact packages.