Detectors, Limiters, Multipliers, Switches, Couplers

Microphase provides a comprehensive range of standard and custom designed high performance component solutions including Schottky and Tunnel Detectors, Limiters, Step recovery Diode Multipliers, miniature broadband Solid State Switches and broadband Directional Couplers covering frequency range of .1 – 40 GHz. Microphase has been the leader in the design and manufacture of high sensitivity and wide dynamic range detectors and limiters. Microphase also offers integrated multifunction component solutions such as detector-coupler, limiter-detector, and filter-limiter-detector modules. All component solutions are available in connectorized packages, surface mount and drop-in modules.

Please visit the following pages for examples of standard and custom solutions. For more information and custom design capabilities or to request a quote for a custom product solution, please Contact Us.

Detectors and Limiters

Switch Modules


Directional Couplers