Corporate Overview

Microphase Corporation

Microphase Corporation is an innovative and trusted customer-driven supplier of advanced electronic technology solutions serving applications from DC to 100 GHz across a diverse mix of markets. Microphase designs, develops, and manufactures standard and customized state-of-the-art RF, Microwave, and Millimeter-wave components, devices, subsystems and integrated modules for the worldwide Commercial Wireless Infrastructure, Defense & Aerospace, Satellite, Wireless Multimedia and Consumer Electronics, Public Safety and Homeland/Global Security markets.

2015 marks Microphase’s 60th anniversary. Since its founding in 1955 Microphase has maintained a rich and productive history filled with innovative products and technologies accompanied by a pioneering role that started with the successful launch of our mission critical products aboard Mercury Space Capsule in 1961 and continued over the course of several decades with the delivery of a wide range of advanced products and technology solutions for military tactical and reconnaissance aircraft, missile systems, UAVs as well as numerous other military and commercial communications programs. In building on this heritage, Microphase continues to support a diversified mix of markets with both traditional products and first-to-market highly advanced proprietary technology solutions helping our customers to achieve higher performance and higher reliability while simultaneously reducing size, weight, and cost of their end products.

Microphase’s recipe for longevity has been based on three key elements:

(1) Commitment and dedication to our customers with whom we have built strong relationships that has a strong foundation in trust making Microphase the supplier of choice time and again for their new programs;

(2) Loyal talented workforce and innovative multidisciplinary technical team who constantly strive for differentiation by developing and delivering products with best performance, highest quality, and highest reliability at the lowest cost possible, attested by growing number of repeat customers.

(3) Continuous internal research and development strengthened by synergistically complementary technologies through strategic partnership enabling Microphase to remain at the forefront in the global technology market with innovations and by being first to market with numerous groundbreaking products.

Building on our rich culture of technology innovations and worldwide recognition as the leading global provider of industry’s highest performing Detector Log Video Amplifiers and as a pioneer of highly specialized communications filters and RF conditioning and signal processing solutions we are continuing to build a significant leadership in the supply of state-of-the-art RF, Microwave, and Millimeter-wave products and technology solutions to a multitude of diverse markets. Backed by sound product development and differentiation strategies we continue to create strong value propositions enabling our customers to gain competitive advantage in their markets.

Key Technology Competencies

Microphase is involved in a broad scope of technology-based products and applications, with expertise in virtually all receiver and transmitter functional areas for a wide range of commercial and military wireless communications, radar, aerospace, and missile systems covering a wide frequency range from DC to 100 GHz. Over DC to 100 GHz range, Microphase is able to design, manufacture, and deliver complete receiver, transmitter, and transceiver subsystems, will all components – from antenna to DSP. As a vertically integrated subsystem organization, Microphase has decades of experience and expertise to optimize complete custom designed solutions to get maximum synergy from different functions developed internally.

Detector Technology: Microphase is the clear leader in Detector Log Video Amplifier (DLVA) and SDLVA technology as well as RF detector and limiter technologies, covering 0.5-40 GHz range. Microphase DLVA and SDLVA products offer exceptional performance including highest dynamic range and highest CW immunity in the industry. 

Filter Solutions: Microphase has been a major player in the filter arena for six decades offering one of the largest portfolio of high performance and high challenge custom designed and manufactured filters and filter based solutions for both military and commercial applications. Our filter solutions cover both low and high power applications up to 5 kW from DC to 100 GHz and include a wide range of structures and topologies optimized for customer- and application- specific criteria. Our portfolio of custom designed and manufactured filter products has expanded substantially over the years and now includes virtually all types of leading-edge products ranging from single function fixed tuned filters, tunable filters including frequency agile and electromechanical, switched filter banks, programmable bandwidth filters, duplexers and multiplexers, antenna multicouplers, and channelizers up to 16 channels. 

Component Technology: Microphase offers a wide range of innovative passive and active components including hybrids, couplers, combiners/splitters, mixers, switches, multipliers, and attenuators optimized to meet customer specific requirements.

Amplifier Solutions: Capitalizing on our low and high power, narrowband and broadband circuit design expertise and experience, semiconductor devices knowledge, and established close relationships with our highly innovative strategic partners, Microphase offers a complete line of custom designed and manufactured low noise broadband amplifiers covering frequency range up to 90 GHz, high efficiency high linearity power amplifiers exhibiting power levels up to 500W and frequency range up to 65 GHz.

Multifunction Assemblies and Integrated Subsystems: Microphase is an established supplier with an impressive record in designing and manufacturing complex custom integrated multifunction assemblies and subsystems for military communications, radar and missile systems including telemetry transmitters; radar RF/IF converters; Up/Down converters; high power transmitters for communications and jamming systems.

CATV Technology: Despite our heavy involvement in the fields of RF, Microwave, and Millimeter-wave technologies Microphase has been a major provider of highly innovative, reliable products for commercial telecommunication applications from Cable TV, Satellite TV, Twisted Pair, Fiber and Wireless.  Microphase offers a wide range of products that support consumer applications for access to telephone services, including the transmission and reception of voice and data as well as the ability to receive and interact with television services such as movies-on-demand and interactive video games and educational services. Our products and solutions are used in customer premise equipment (CPE), set-top boxes, NID boxes, FTTH devices, various modems, and numerous other applications.

 Market Sectors

Microphase products and solutions offer capabilities that extend their applications across multiple diverse market sectors including:

  • Defense/Communications/Missile
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Aerospace
  • Radar
  • Space
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Public Safety/Homeland Security
  • Broadcast
  • Wireless Multimedia
  • GPS
  • Medical
  • Test & Measurements
  • Research Labs & Academia